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Anita B. Wilson

Anita B. Wilson passed away in her sleep at The INN Between on July 14, 2019. Born December 6, 1952 in Maryland to William and Brenda Wilson, Anita had made Salt Lake City her home for some time. 

Anita became a part of our home in March of this year. She was suffering from congestive heart failure, something that had taken her family and had left her on her own. She had lost her mother most recently and was still suffering the loss greatly. Anita was tired of being on her own and scared to die alone. She had been living a rough life on the streets and it was hard for her to give up the fight. She worked hard at it. She could be seen walking the building most days, visiting with friends and reminiscing about her days as a chef. 

The last month Anita had become weepier. A recent breakup with her longtime girlfriend was a rough blow and she never quite recovered from it. In her final days Anita was determined to remain as independent as possible and spent as much time as she could engaging with her fellow residents. She had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing.

 She received regular visits from an officer she had met on the streets. He would come and pray with her and it touched her that someone that had known her at her worst would be such a support at the end for her.  She had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing right up to the end. 

A celebration of life will be held for Anita on August 15, 2019 at 11AM. Refreshments will be served following.