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Jillian Olmsted

Executive Director

A mother of two and military wife of over 21 years, Jillian Olmsted, developed an appreciation for the mission of The INN Between after her mother, father and stepfather all battled cancer during the same year. Her mother and father were placed on hospice care before passing. Her father became unemployed, uninsured, and needed a place to stay to recover a life-saving surgery. She became his care taker while receiving charity care at Huntsman Cancer hospital. He later succumbed to the disease. Jillian started as a volunteer, was hired on as the Events and Outreach Coordinator and later transitioned to Operations and Human Resources Director with responsibilities in facility management, events, IT and organizational functions. Since working at The INN Between, she has acquired a Professional Management Certificate from the University of Utah and completed seven organizational credentials from Utah Nonprofits Association. 

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